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Welcome to
St. Francis

At St. Francis, we meet you where you are and empower you to step forward. Stepping forward means learning to trust yourself and leaning into your ideas. It means boldly taking on intellectual risks and personal challenges, seeking to learn from failure as well as success, always knowing you can rise to the occasion. It also means extending a hand to those around you while stepping up to a deeper and more reflective spirituality.

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Step Forward
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Learning that is engaging and hands-on.
Inquiry that dives deep and leads to discovery. 

At St. Francis, we meet our students where they are, offering teaching and learning that is relevant to the real world around them and attuned to the strengths and interests within them. 

Engaging, active lessons in an encouraging community build vital academic skills—and instill a lifelong love of discovery.

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Traditions of faith, service, and fellowship.
Commitments to inclusion, consideration, and reflection

Our Episcopal values encourage a sustaining personal faith and a deep sense of responsibility as people for others. 

St. Francis is committed to promoting inquisitive, investigative thinkers who ask questions, challenge assumptions, and value varying perspectives.

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Courage to explore the unknown.
Ability to learn from challenges and demonstrate resilience. 

A St. Francis student is naturally curious and willing to take chances where they matter most—in a classroom or an art studio, on a playing field or a stage, in an important conversation, or a developing friendship. And we not only celebrate success, but also learn resilience and tenacity through our occasional missteps. 

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Skills to listen, reflect, and collaborate effectively.
Confidence to lead. 

We believe communication in all forms is vital—whether speaking, writing, listening, or performing. We value collaboration, communication, respect, and empathy. Our students endeavor to understand and be understood.

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Experiences that encourage personal growth.
A place where I am valued and value others. 

Academics and intellectual development are at the heart of St. Francis’s mission, and we want every graduate to be fully prepared for greater educational challenges and eventual career pursuits. Students also build strengths as athletes and artists, as friends and citizens, and in their spirits and hearts. Our commitment to wellness, wide-ranging success, and curiosity enhances, balances, and distinguishes more traditional aspects of the St. Francis experience. 

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Festival 2024 - Vol. 2
Sun. 10/20/24

Get ready for St. Francis Festival Vol. 2 this Fall! Last year’s Spring event was a blast with rides, games, and awesome prizes. Moving forward, Festival will be held in the Fall to coincide with Episcopal School Sunday. See you in October for Festival - Volume 2! #StFrancisFestival


Fast Facts

Fast Facts


Houston Junior Preparatory Conference Championships


Teachers With 10 Or More Years' Experience


PSIA Fine Arts Winners In Past 6 Years

2 Campuses 1 School 

Located on two sites totaling 39 wooded acres in Houston’s Memorial area,
St. Francis consists of the Piney Point Campus and Couper Campus.

Piney Point Village Campus

335 Piney Point Road, Houston, TX 77024

Lower School

Grades K-4


Middle School

Grades 5-8


Mary Frances Bowles Couper Campus

2300 South Piney Point Road, Houston, TX 77063

Primary School

Ages 2-4


Upper School

Grades 9-12