A private Episcopal school for primary through high school students in Houston, Texas

Upper School Students at Lunch
Lower School students in PE Class.

Since 1952, St. Francis Episcopal School has fostered the academic, spiritual, and personal development of students—so that they are people with heart, people of action, and people for others. Our cornerstones—faith, dignity, courage, and scholarship—are the heart of who we are at St. Francis Episcopal School. It is through these guiding values that we empower lives of genuine meaning, purpose, and service for our students, families, and communities.

Learn more about our four divisions:

Upper School / Grade 9-12

The St. Francis Upper School learning environment will promote balance and self-awareness while growing students who are faithful, upstanding citizens and people for others.

Lower School / Grades K-4

Lower School is a lively center of learning that’s infused with the joy and excitement of discovery, all in an academically enriched, rigorous curriculum.

Middle School / Grades 5-8

Our Middle School builds on the academic, social, physical, and spiritual foundations laid in Lower School, focusing on development of the whole child.

Primary School / Ages 2–4

The Primary School offers a nurturing and supportive environment in which parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate in their child’s education.

At St. Francis Episcopal School, our students enjoy numerous opportunities to excel—both inside and outside the classroom. Through rigorous academics with STEM programs, spiritual development through our faith-based Episcopal foundation and extra-curricular activities in fine arts and athletics, St. Francis empowers students to discover their purpose, while actively mentoring them for success.


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