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Founded in 1952 as a parish school and mission of St. Francis Episcopal Church, St. Francis Episcopal School is an independent, college-preparatory school serving boys and girls from 2 years old through high school. During their time here, students discover and cultivate their particular talents and interests, developing the confidence, self- awareness, and enthusiasm to succeed in all their endeavors. As a community, we strive to grow intellectually and personally so that we may better serve the wider world. Because we believe our education is not for us alone, we design every lesson, project, and experience to help us all grow as people for others: thinkers, makers, and citizens who live our learning and our faith.

Statement on Community

Grounded in its Episcopal faith and identity, St. Francis Episcopal School believes in the dignity and worth of each individual; acknowledges that a diverse school community enriches the school; actively seeks to build an inclusive school culture in which each student feels safe, welcome, valued and known; and encourages students, as people for others, to work towards a better world. The St. Francis Episcopal School Board of Trustees stands firmly with the school in these aspirations and believes that this work is for all members of the school community.

Episcopal Identity

As an Episcopal school, St. Francis is dedicated to affirming all children as unique creations and celebrating their God-given purpose and passion. The foundation of our Episcopal faith and identity is the Baptismal Covenant, which can be read in full below. The first of our school’s four cornerstones is faith, and we encourage each student to nurture a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ while also embracing upright character and a commitment to bringing positive change to the world.

Mission Statement

In the Anglican tradition, St. Francis Episcopal School challenges and motivates students in an academically and spiritually stimulating environment to become imaginative, critical thinkers and people for others. 


Faith, Dignity, Courage,


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