A private Episcopal school for primary through high school students in Houston, Texas

Board of Trustees

St. Francis Board Member_Stuart A. Bates
The Reverend Stuart A. Bates

St. Francis Board Member_Kate Denham
Kate Q. Denham
Vice Chair

St. Francis Board Member_The Reverend Bastian Martin
The Reverend Martin J. Bastian

Mitchell Derrick

St. Francis Board Member_Stephen W. Herod
Stephen W. Herod

St. Francis Board Member_Webb Jennings
John W. Jennings III

St.-Francis-Board-Member_Greg Looser
W. Gregory Looser '83

St.-Francis-Board-Member_Kenneth Owen
Kenneth F. Owen

St.-Francis-Board-Member_James Taussig
James E. Taussig III

Taylor Tipton

Taylor Tipton

Stephen Lovejoy
Head of School

St. Francis Board Member_Nidhika Mehta
Courtney Robertson

St. Francis Board Member_Fred Brazelton
Frederick W. Brazelton

St. Francis Board Member_Nicole M. Ederle
Nicole M. Ederle '85

Hank Holmes

Hank Holmes

St. Francis Board Member_Sippi Khurana

Sippi K. Khurana, MD

St.-Francis-Board-Member_Photo Coming Soon
Allen F. Lyons

St.-Francis-Board-Member_Lacy Howe Rieke
Lacy Howe Rieke

St.-Francis-Board-Member_Karen Tellepsen
Karen Tellepsen

St. Francis Board Member_Joel Moore
Joel L. Moore

St. Francis Board Member_Clark Anderson
Clarke K. Anderson

St. Francis Board Member_John Chandler
John E. Chandler

Chris Graeter

Chris Graeter '95

St. Francis Board Member_Michael Jamieson
Michael R. Jamieson

St.-Francis-Board-Member_Susan Lawhon Padon
Susan Lawhon Padon

St.-Francis-Board-Member_Justin Oshins
Justin J. Oshins

St.-Francis-Board-Member_Mark Stringer
Mark Stringer '89

St.-Francis-Board-Member_Mark Terry
Mark T. Terry

St.-Francis-Board-Member_Wallis Marsh
Wallis Marsh
Vestry Representative