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Shaping insightful thinkers and active citizens—every step of the way 

From Primary through Upper School, the St. Francis program sparks discovery, builds resilience, inspires faith, and deepens empathy. Students boldly take on intellectual risks and personal challenges, growing from failure as well as success. They cultivate a reflective, active faith in God and themselves, knowing they can step forward to meet any occasion.  

At every level, our carefully designed curriculum blends increased independence with collaboration and subject-matter mastery with curiosity-driven exploration. In Primary School, children learn science while making rainbows with flashlights and prisms. In Lower School, artistry and entrepreneurship come together as students write, publish, and “sell” their own books. Middle School students learn from visiting NASA engineers as they plan imaginative yet plausible trips to Mars. Our program culminates in Upper School, where students build their engineering, computer science, and artistic skills; plan and perform full-scale theatre productions; and gain real-world expertise through meaningful internships and service opportunities.  

We invite you to delve into our Primary SchoolLower School, Middle School, and Upper School curricula. If you have questions, or you’re ready for your next steps, please contact our admissions office. 

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