Let’s all say it together: There’s nothing like a good book. Fostering a love for reading is one of the most important tasks educators undertake, and our St. Francis Crum Library and Technology Center, as well as our Primary School Library, more than meet the task. From satisfying curious minds with the latest research tools to hosting book club sessions and dynamic author visits, our library staff takes pride in helping students explore ideas and information and in turn use them effectively. Both libraries are open to students and parents from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. while school is in session.

Crum Library

The Crum Library hosts weekly classes for kindergartners through third graders, with topics set to enrich the classroom curriculum. Grades 4–8 enjoy flexible library scheduling, using the library as needed to check out books or conduct research. The Crum Library and Technology Center is housed inside the main building.

Primary School Library

Primary students visit the primary school library for playful and interactive library lessons. Children in the Primary II and Bridge classes may check out books. In addition, parents are encouraged to visit the library and check out age-appropriate books for reading time at home. The lovely new library is housed on our South Campus in the Administration Building of the Primary School. Visitors are always welcome!

Guest Authors

Each year, St. Francis welcomes storytellers and guest authors who bring with them a wealth of insight into the writing process and the writer’s life. Before these sessions, students have the opportunity to become familiar with the authors’ books. They can also purchase a book autographed by the author during the visit.

Summer Reading Lists

All good readers and writers develop a habit of reading and writing daily. The purpose of the St. Francis summer reading program is to assist students in avoiding a potential regression in reading skills (known as the “summer slide”) by providing them with fun and engaging ways to build their independent reading skills and to raise their reading confidence levels. Research indicates that children who neglect reading during their summer vacation lose two to three months’ worth of reading development, while children who do read gain a month’s worth of reading proficiency. The net result is a three to four month “gap” in reading skill between those who do read and those who do not read during their summer break.

This summer, we want to encourage students to pursue reading for enjoyment. The more independent and self-motivated students become as readers, the more likely they are to develop into self-driven, life-long learners.

If you have questions, feel free to e-mail St. Francis's director of library services.

Summer Reading Lists

Summer Reading—Entering Kindergarten

There are many wonderful books that Kindergarten students will enjoy. The HAISLN List and the Texas Library Association 2x2 List offer suggestions.

We encourage parents to read often to their children over the summer months, remembering that children of this age enjoy "reading the pictures," as well as the words. We do not require that Kindergarten students read a certain number of books, or keep a list of what they read. The sharing of books over the summer is our only objective.

Summer Reading—Entering First Grade

Houston Area Independent School Library Network, HAISLN, and the Texas Library Association 2x2 List, have a list of books for first graders, as well as other grades. Please view the list of great reading suggestions for incoming first grade students.

We do not have a set number of books for students to read over the summer, nor do we have required activities. We encourage families to spend time over the summer reading and sharing books with their incoming first grader. Reading is fun, and research shows that summer reading puts books in the hand of children, helps students build reading skills, prevents summer learning loss, and prepares for a successful upcoming school year.

Summer Reading—Entering Grades Second–Fourth

Click here for the Summer Reading Bingo Worksheet.

Summer Reading—Entering Fifth Grade

Summer Reading—Entering Sixth Grade

Summer Reading—Entering Seventh Grade

Summer Reading—Entering Eighth Grade