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St. Francis Episcopal Church
St. Francis Episcopal Church
Multipurpose Room
Multipurpose Room

Middle School Academics

Fostering independent thinking and proactive empathy  

We’ve carefully designed our curriculum to help Middle Schoolers grow into thoughtful, proactive, confident young teenagers, while still enjoying the wonders of childhood. Through challenging, innovative coursework, students master core subjects and use their knowledge to work on meaningful hands-on projects.       

Signature Programs

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Core Curriculum

The Middle School curriculum ensures mastery of essential subjects while developing the agility, ingenuity, empathy, and confidence to creatively solve real-world problems. Propelled by their own curiosity, learning from their triumphs and mistakes, students discover and pursue unexpected connections that inspire deeper learning—and deeper faith.              

CORE SUBJECTS                      

  • Math 
  • History 
  • Science 
  • Spanish 
  • Visual and Performing Arts  
  • Religion              
  • English 
  • Technology 
  • Physical Education (or Athletics)

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