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MS Students Working on a Math Project Outside

Middle School FAQs

If you have unanswered questions, we encourage you to e-mail the Middle School Office or call 713.458.6140. We are happy to help you find answers.

Middle School FAQs

How many students are in each class?

We place 18–20 students in each class.

Is there an honors program in Middle School?

St. Francis currently offers an honors option to students in grades 6–8 in both math and English.  All interested students can opt into the honors program on a trimester basis with no application required.  Students in the honors program engage in additional special projects and learning tasks that focus on synthesis and creation of knowledge.

What are the teaching credentials of Middle School teachers?

All Middle School teachers hold a bachelor’s degree, and 43 percent have earned a master’s degree as well. Our teachers have years of teaching experience and are committed to lifelong learning and a growth mindset. Professional development is a major component of our faculty expectations.

How will my child engage in community service?

Being people for others is an important component of our mission, and students participate in a variety of age-appropriate community service projects. In the past, these projects have included collecting backpacks for Iraqi students and working with organizations such as Ben Taub Hospital, the Holocaust Museum, Lord of the Streets, the SPCA, and the Ronald McDonald House.

How much homework do students have a night?

Homework varies for each child and at each grade level. On average, an eighth-grade student might study two hours per night. However, if a project is due, homework could require more time. There are two programs that assist in making homework manageable for our students. Our Middle School testing schedule is designed to prevent students from having more than two tests per day, and the implementation of a division-wide study hall four days per week greatly alleviates students’ homework load.

Is St. Francis Middle School program accredited?

Yes. St. Francis's Middle School program is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest(ISAS) and the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES), and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Will my child attend chapel?

Educating a child’s spirit is as important to us as challenging the mind, and we strongly value our Episcopal identity. We are privileged to worship together as an entire Middle School community twice weekly.

Are all students eligible to play on an athletics team?

Yes. Our Middle School students in grades 6–8 have the opportunity to play on an athletics team at St. Francis. Our athletics teams are leveled by ability. Fifth graders may choose to take part in athletics through the St. Francis Sports Association, a program of St. Francis Episcopal Church.

How does St. Francis support new Spanish language learners?

Our Spanish program consists of a standard grade 5 Spanish course followed by three leveled Spanish courses: Spanish IA, Spanish IB, and Spanish II.  We assess students’ Spanish ability in grades 6–8 and place them into the Spanish class most appropriate for their learning needs.