A private Episcopal school for primary through high school students in Houston, Texas


Primary School Curriculum

St. Francis’s developmentally appropriate pre-K curriculum goes beyond state and national standards for independent preschools, offering balanced literacy practices, Reggio-inspired/project-based learning, special programs, and a model spiritual-development program.

We strongly believe that an effective reading program exposes preschools to a wide variety of print, encourages students to actively use reading and writing as tools for learning, and offers a bridge between phonics and whole language.

Our students develop 21st Century skills—such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership, and commitment—through hands-on exploration of topics that are student-generated.

We demonstrate that spirituality is important in everyday life and provide a faith-based community in which preschoolers attend chapel at least once per week.

For more information on the special programs our Primary School offers, visit Signature Programs . To learn more about instruction by grade-level view our Primary School curriculum guide.

Critical and Creative Thinking

Our Primary School curriculum encourages both critical and creative thinking through project work, center time, group time, small group interaction, and individual time. During project work, students collaborate to research topics of interest and solve problems through active exploration and discovery. In center time, students experience language and writing, reading, science exploration, creative art, cooking, math games, block building, home living, dramatic play, and manipulative activities. Group time includes class discussions, music, drama, Spanish, and gross motor and physical activities.