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Technology is woven into the very fabric of education today. St. Francis students research, create, design, evaluate, communicate, and present information through leading-edge technology that enriches the learning experience. Armed with the belief that true tech savvy extends well beyond the classroom, our faculty focuses equally on producing responsible digital citizens—students who understand the rules of the digital world and how to stay safe within them.

In addition to tech-driven projects, St. Francis students benefit from access to online SAT preparatory courses, the ERB’s Writing Practice Program, and the curriculum at Learning.com. Through technology rich activities in core classes and a rigorous technology curriculum, our students are challenged on all fronts to use technology to construct knowledge and build upon creative thinking.

Technology Highlights
  • Our campus houses five computer labs: a Mac lab and four PC labs in Lower School.
  • All Lower School classes have access to iPads and Kindles and fourth grade has access to their own MacBook Air laptop cart.
  • All Lower and Middle School classrooms and three Primary School classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards.
  • Primary students explore technology through the use of computers, iPads, iPods, and digital cameras in developmental classroom centers.
  • All Middle School classes have access to portable MacBook Air laptop carts featuring wireless Internet access.
  • All Middle School students have the following:
    • a Google education account to create and collaborate on assignments,
    • access to our web portal to manage their calendars and share their work with teachers
    • and iMovie to create and edit video projects.
  • Students in every grade are taught about digital citizenship and the appropriate use of computers and the Internet.
  • All fifth graders participate in a nine-week technology introduction course which includes: programming, design thinking, and video-digital storytelling, during which they write, produce, film, edit, and present original pieces.
  • Sixth- and seventh-grade students seeking more advanced technology challenges may select a computer science elective featuring Javascript, HTML, CSS, and 3-D design and prototyping.
  • Sixth- and seventh-grade students interested in advanced video production can choose an elective course using Adobe Final Cut Pro and CeltX scriptwriting software.
  • Eighth graders who choose the yearbook elective will use Nikon digital SLR cameras, Adobe Creative Suite, and Balfour StudioWorks online publishing software to create a hardcover yearbook for the entire school community.
  • Students in orchestra also learn basic keyboarding skills using MIDI keyboards and GarageBand to compose, record, and edit original and famous works.
  • Students participate in interactive Skype video calls with peers and organizations throughout the world that supplement the material they are currently learning.

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