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LS with Ipads


Technology is woven into the very fabric of education today. St. Francis students research, create, design, evaluate, communicate, and present information through leading-edge technology that enriches the learning experience. Armed with the belief that true tech savvy extends well beyond the classroom, our faculty focuses equally on producing responsible digital citizens—students who understand the rules of the digital world and how to stay safe within them.

Technology Highlights

Primary School

  • Primary students explore technology through the use of computers, iPads, iPods, and digital cameras in developmental classroom centers.
  • Primary School faculty are currently evaluating new interactive panels that will enhance the student’s classroom experience.
  • The program is designed to allow students to seamlessly transition into the Lower School technology program.

Lower School

  • Each grade level from kindergarten through third has a PC lab in their pod.  
  • Fourth grade has a shared laptop cart that is used throughout the grade level. It is in the process of being expanded to ensure our students remain at the forefront of technology.
    • Fourth-grade students have a school-issued St. Francis Google account which they use for various academic purposes. Use of these accounts helps prepare them for Middle School technology.
  • All Lower School classes have access to multiple tablets that are used to enhance core curriculum.
  • Lower School classrooms are equipped with interactive SMART Boards.
    • Lower School faculty is currently testing multiple new interactive devices so that our students get the best possible classroom experience.

Middle School

  • Middle school classrooms have interactive whiteboards and access to laptop carts for students to use in various technology integrated activities.
  • Middle School students have access to:
    • A school issued Google education account to communicate using GMAIL; create documents, presentations and spreadsheets; and collaborate with classmates
    • Our web portal to keep track of class resources, manage calendars, and share their work with teachers
    • Video cameras and digital editing software to produce their own content for classes
    • CAD Software and 3-D printers to design prototypes and print them
  • Middle School technology electives focus on programming in a variety of languages, video production, design thinking, robotics, 3-D CAD, app development, and digital communications and publication.

Upper School

  • All classrooms are equipped with interactive boards that enable our faculty to use technology related to their subject matter.
  • The St. Francis Upper School is a one-to-one MacBook Air school, where all freshman receive a device at the start of the school year.
  • 3D-design, programming, and app development are part of our introductory required course in computer science.
  • Our required engineering program delves into what it means to be an engineer and identifies the specific specialties that are involved.

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