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College Counselor Steven Scales checking in with a student.

College Counseling

St. Francis offers a comprehensive college counseling program to guide students in their post-graduation endeavors. As early as freshman year, students begin working with the Department of College Counseling to build self-awareness and develop the research skills needed to make choices that will benefit them well beyond their high school years. 

Our college counseling program aspires to be: 



We believe in meeting students at their level, focusing on social well-being in addition to academic, financial, and emotional considerations. College acceptance and attendance is the top priority as we prepare students for life after St. Francis, although we recognize that some students may wish to experience something less traditional in their first year or two after graduation. To that end, we are creating a culture where gap years, postgraduate programs, and other options are encouraged for those individuals. 


St. Francis will celebrate each and every student’s path after graduation. Whether a student elects to attend their parent’s alma mater, a junior college to play sports, or one of the most selective institutions in the country, we will celebrate that decision. Our general philosophy: It’s not where you go, but what you do while you’re there that matters most. 


This can and should be one of the happiest times in a young adult’s life. As students proceed through the ups and downs of the college application process, we encourage them to focus on the process as a learning experience and remind them that everyone will end up exactly where they are supposed to be in the long run. 

Our office assists students with every aspect of the process—creating a college or gap year list, making test prep recommendations, scheduling advice, essay writing, applying for tuition assistance, and more. By high school graduation, our students will have marketable skills and leadership experience in shaping the community around them. 

Director of College Counseling Steven Scales

Steven Scales
Director of College Counseling