Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Complete your application online. You will receive an email to confirm our receipt of the application. In addition, you can access additional Admissions information by visiting the How to Apply page or by contacting the Admissions Office via phone at 713.458.6117 or e-mail at

St. Francis Episcopal School accepts applications beginning August 1—one year prior to the date of expected entry.

Can I check the progress of my application online?

Yes. By using your user ID and password created when you completed the online application, you may check the progress of your application. Or you may call the Admissions Office at 713.458.6117.

What is St. Francis looking for in an applicant?

St. Francis looks for students who are a good fit for our culture, community and mission statement. Good teacher recommendations, strong test scores and a good academic record are important, as is the student visit and interview. We evaluate the whole child to make a determination as to whether St. Francis is right for the child and vice versa.

Oftentimes when making decisions of acceptance, we are not just filling a spot—we are balancing classrooms, and this requires consideration of an applicant’s gender and legacy connections, among other factors.

Is a student visit required?

School visits are required for student applicants to every grade level from Primary I through eighth grade and are initiated by St. Francis. Applicants to the Pre-Primary program are not required to visit or interview.

Are there expenses other than tuition?

The tuition at St. Francis is inclusive and incorporates fees for textbooks, field trips, Middle School athletics and technology. It also includes a healthy daily lunch for our students.

Separate expenses include uniforms, which may be purchased through Parker School Uniforms and school supplies for Lower School and Middle School students.

Encore and Encore Plus, our after-school programs, are available to all students for an additional fee.

Can I apply for midyear entry?

Students who move into the Houston area after a school year begins may be considered for midyear entry. However, it is not our policy to accept midyear transfers in circumstances other than these.

If my child previously attended St. Francis and would like to return, is there a process I must follow?

Students who seek re-enrollment at St. Francis must follow the same admissions process as a candidate seeking first-time enrollment at the school. Once St. Francis receives the application, the school’s Transition Committee performs the initial review and may require further information (e.g. up-to-date educational testing, grades, teacher recommendations, etc.) from the applicant family in order to approve the student for inclusion in the overall applicant pool. If approved, the application and any supporting documentation will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee for further evaluation.

Please note that preference regarding re-enrollment always goes to students who have been enrolled at the school during the previous academic year. Families leaving St. Francis for a school within Houston are rarely re-enrolled, and families who leave the school and seek re-enrollment at a later date should not expect to receive priority over other applicants.

What standardized tests are required in order for my child to be considered? Is there a minimum score?

Applicants to Primary II through first grade take the WPPSI test; applicants to second through fourth grade take the WISC and ISEE tests; and applicants to fifth through eighth grade take the ISEE tests. In order to ensure that a student will be able to keep up with the academic rigors of St. Francis, the admissions office looks for student scores in the average to superior range.

Do legacies have preference in the admissions process?

When space is available and two applicants are otherwise equal, St. Francis admits candidates based on the following priorities:

  1. Qualified children of St. Francis church members
  2. Qualified siblings of students continuing in the school
  3. Other qualified candidates

Legacies are not a guarantee of admission.

What is the student/teacher ratio and class size?

Primary School has approximately 200 students.

  • In Pre-Primary, the average class size is 10-12 students, who are taught by a teacher and teacher assistant.
  • The average class size in Primary I and II is 16 to 18 students, with a teacher and teacher assistant.

Lower School has approximately 350 students. The average class size is 18 to 20 students, with one teacher.

Middle School has approximately 300 students. The average class size is 18 to 20 students, with one teacher.

How many classes are there per grade level?

The Primary School has four Pre-Primary classes, four Primary I classes, and four Primary II classes. Lower School (K–4) and Middle School (5–8) have four classes per grade level.

What are the entry points of the school?

The natural entry points for the school are the Pre-Primary class, kindergarten and fifth grade. However, families who do not gain admission to these grade levels for the current school year are always encouraged to apply in the future to other grades, as it is possible that space may become available.

How often is chapel held, and is attendance required?

Although we welcome and respect families of all faiths, one of St. Francis’s strengths is the way in which our Episcopal identity is woven into the daily life of our school. Through community outreach, religion classes and chapel services, students are encouraged to develop character, make sound and healthy choices, see themselves as integral members of our community, and become “people for others.” For this reason, we require students to attend chapel services twice a week, and we invite parents to attend when they can.

How do I request additional information?

You may request an admissions packet by filling out the online inquiry form.

Read more information on our academic programs.

Should you have any questions at all, please contact the St. Francis Admissions Office (713.458.6117). We’re here to help!