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P.E. Exemptions

P.E. Exemption Request Form:

This form is not currently accepting submissions.

P.E. Exemption Approval Criteria:

  1. Weekly practice and/or competition must encompass a minimum of seven hours per week. Weekend activities may count toward this time requirement but may not count for more than two of the seven hours.
  2. The practice and/or competition must be under the direction of a coach or trainer.
  3. At the beginning of each SFES season, the coach or trainer must confirm in writing the participation of the student-athlete and the level of the program (SFES to provide form).
  4. At the end of each SFES season, the coach or trainer must submit written confirmation of the student-athlete’s attendance and progress (SFES to provide form).

SFES students seeking an exemption from the physical education requirement must submit a completed physical education exemption request form to the Director of Athletics no later than one week prior to the start of the first practice for that season. The Director of Athletics, the Associate Director of Athletics, the division head, and division dean will evaluate all requests, approve or disapprove each request, and communicate the decision expeditiously with the student and/or parent.