A private Episcopal school for primary through high school students in Houston, Texas

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Campus Life

So, what’s a day at St. Francis like? Whether in the classroom, on the playing field, in the art studio, or on the stage, it’s a day bursting with rigorous academics, thoughtful religious guidance, competitive athletics training, and superb fine arts and technological instruction. In others words—a day of inspired learning.

When you enroll in the largest k–8 Episcopal parish day school in the nation, you've got a lot of new friends to make. That's where our House system comes in. Everyone on our campus is assigned to one of four houses, which are named for Anglican bishops—The House of Cuthbert (green), The House of Whitefield (red), The House of Theobald (blue), and The House of Augustine (yellow). By dividing the school population by fours, the Houses create vertical communities that promote camaraderie, support academic achievement, and build bonds of faith, unity, and friendship.

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