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SFPO Employee Gift Collection

Thank you for contributing to the SFPO End-of-Year Gift Fund!

All teachers, staff, sextons, Dining Hall personnel, full-time security officers, and full- and part-time coaches are included and recognized. The funds raised are distributed evenly to all employees as an end-of-year cash bonus. (*This gift is not tax deductible.)

How much should you give? A good guide is to calculate what you would have spent on individual gifts for all of your child’s teachers and coaches. A family with two children may want to contribute $300. However, any amount is appreciated. Let your heart be your guide.

All contributions must be received by Wednesday, May 15.

This form is not currently accepting submissions.

SFPO Christmas and End-of-Year Gift Funds

Twice a year (Christmas and end of the school year), the St. Francis Parents Organization asks each family to contribute toward employee appreciation gifts. The SFPO collection was started as a way to show appreciation to all who teach, serve, support, and love your children at St. Francis. This program has been very successful over the years due to the generosity of our parent community.

These gifts enable the parent community to show its appreciation equitably among the employees of the school, regardless of their function on campus.  As a reminder, in keeping with the guidelines in the student handbook, we ask that parents please do not organize individual class gifts. The point of the SFPO collection is to ensure that everyone who makes St. Francis such a special place is appreciated.

  • All contributions must be received by Wednesday, May 15. 

We hope to have participation from all of our St. Francis families this year to provide the teachers and staff with a wonderful start to their summer break!