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The St. Francis Fund

Supporting the Most Vital and Valued Aspects St. Francis

Because it impacts every student’s educational experience, the St. Francis Fund is our most important philanthropic priority each year. Generous participation from parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty, and staff reflects a robust community commitment to continually enhance the exceptional quality of a St. Francis education.

Every donor who contributes to the St. Francis Fund provides support for our security, learning enrichment of the arts, expansion of athletic programs, new technology, and financial assistance for qualified students. Our greatest joy is to see our students flourish as people for others.

By giving to the St. Francis Fund, you are:

Ensuring Academic Excellence
Attracting and retaining the best faculty enables us to provide instructional excellence and innovative programming designed to bring out the greatest potential in every student.

Targeting Areas of Greatest Need
Thanks to your generosity, school leadership has the flexibility to address critical needs such as campus security, instructional technology, and campus improvements, as they arise.

Opening Doors with Financial Assistance
Your gift means we can offer financial support to talented students who otherwise would not be able to attend St. Francis.

Optimizing Athletic Programs
The best coaches, uniforms, equipment, and facilities allow all our teams to compete at the highest possible level.

Enriching the Arts
Visual and performing arts supplies, materials, costumes, scripts, and sets give students ample opportunities to showcase their talents.

Leadership Circle

We invite you to consider a leadership gift of $1,952 or more to build a legacy that fulfills the promise of our St. Francis mission for every St. Francis family.

Circle of Excellence

Every gift is important. This community effort depends on participation from all current families, grandparents, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, and other friends. By providing resources that tuition alone cannot cover, the St. Francis Fund ensures excellence in every facet of your family’s school experience.

Last Year...



Board of Trustees Participation


Average Parent Gift


Average Overall Gift


Faculty & Staff Participation

THE ST. FRANCIS FUND 2023-24 Committee


Katie ‘01 and Joe Blades

Division Co-Chairs

Clara and Danny Clark,
Primary School

Megan and John Lovoi,
Lower School

Alison and Charlie Meyer,
Middle School

Amy and Rob Pierce / Jennifer and Mark Stringer '89,
Upper School

Mollye and Dominic Dupré,
New Families

Grade Level Co-Chairs

Julie Alexander ‘87 (6th)

Nadia Barrow (4th)

Dawn and Mitch Blitz (9th)

Angela and Mark Bookmyer (8th)

Janae and Michael Bui (P2)

Brianna and Drew Cook (P1)

Sarah and Ben Cotting (8th)

Colleen and Michael Dunlap (4th)

Nicole and Andrew Dunlap (K)

Genna and Jon Evans (9th)

Ashton and Dallas Garrison (PP)

Alicyn and Chad Gawryliuk (PP)

Julie and Scott Grandt (1st)

Kristyn and Marty Hogan (6th)

Brooke and Scott Hutson (7th)

Brett and Tyler Jennings (3rd)

Stephanie and Eric Kalamaras (10th)

Brittany ‘03 and Reynolds Lawnin (K)

Tiffany and Stephen Le (1st)

Kaylen and Nick Meserve (5th)

Whitney and Daniel Moore (5th)

Kim and Charlie Nettles (2nd)

Crystal and Jean Neustadt (K)

Rita and Travis Pace (3rd)

Jenny and Brad Porter (7th)

Lauren ’98 and Copeland Rhea (P1)

Stephanie and Todd Scheyer (8th)

Taylor and Blake Shaver (New Families)

Sommer and Ryan Stash (7th)

Barbara and Jeff Steen (6th)

Camille and Ryan Stuckey (5th)

Melissa Reeves and Scott Szalkowski (11th)

Meredith Philipp and Raffi Tcholakian (8th)

Meghan '89 and Stephen Thompson (1st)

Katie and Todd Thornton (6th)

Megan Vondra (7th)

Lynsey '00 and Drew Ward (2nd)

Leigh '00 and Jeff Williams (P2)

As of October 10, 2023

More Information?

Contact Muffy Buvens, Director of the St. Francis Fund, at or 713.458.6129.