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Life at SFES

A place for all of us 
How we learn, work, play, and grow together.

Life at St. Francis is joyous and earnest, affirming and invigorating. 

Our Episcopal ethos calls us to create a loving, diverse community by celebrating every member as an individual. We give each student the tools and encouragement to develop their talents and interests to the fullest—not only for their own benefit, but so they can help improve the lives of others. 

Learning at St. Francis is an ongoing process of stepping forward—to ask a question, lend a hand, try a new sport, engage with another culture—knowing you need never do so alone. Our entire community cheers for you when you succeed and lifts you up when you stumble. 

Through a wide range of intentional programs, we endeavor to make St. Francis a place and community where all of us can thrive. Take a moment to review our faith, service, and leadership programs; student wellness programs; trips and travel opportunities; enrichment and extended day options; and summer programming. 

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