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At St. Francis, intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth intertwine and inspire one another.                      

The Episcopal Church is grounded in the three-legged stool of scripture, the openness of free and rational inquiry, and tradition. As a parish school of St. Francis Episcopal Church, faith is foundational to all we do.   

Students take a weekly religion class, and we weave spiritual questions and themes throughout the curriculum. Our community worships together at twice-weekly chapel services, and starting in Lower School, students celebrate Holy Eucharist monthly. We gather for beloved special events, like the Blessing of the Animals and Episcopal School Sunday, and offer pastoral services to individual students and family members.  

Traveling their individual St. Francis paths, students come to own their faith and know God through a personal relationship of worship, love, and service. And because our faith calls us to open inquiry, respectful inclusion, and mutual effort toward the greater good, we invite students and families of all faiths to join our learning community. Our diverse backgrounds and beliefs energize us and make us stronger.