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Travel Program (Grades 5-12) 

"Education is not a two-by-four: it should not be limited to the two covers of a book and the four walls of the classroom.” -- John Dewey 

The St. Francis Travel Program offers Middle and Upper School students the opportunity to broaden their horizons, expand their minds, and embrace what it means to be global citizens through carefully curated learning adventures. Whether exploring national parks or historic sites across the world, the St. Francis Travel Program offers students exposure to new cultures, languages, skills, and ideas, while reinforcing classroom learning and encouraging individual growth.  

Since the inception of our travel program, St. Francis students and teachers have visited the following places:  

Antelope Canyon  
Bryce Canyon  
Costa Rica 

Grand Canyon


Washington, D.C. 
Zion National Park


For more information, contact our travel coordinator, Kathryn Spinelli, at 713.458.6117. 

Students Whitewater Rafting