A private Episcopal school for primary through high school students in Houston, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every student in grades 6–8 have a place in athletics?

Every student can grow and develop from the athletics experience. Students enter our athletics program with varying skill levels in a given sport. No student is “cut” from a St. Francis team. If we have too many students for one team, that team will either be split into two or three squads, or an additional team will be formed.

What is the school's philosophy on good sportsmanship?

Being an athlete at St. Francis and playing for the Wolves is a privilege that carries with it many responsibilities. Coaches stress the importance of teamwork, peer relationships, cooperation, discipline, and maintaining a healthy body, and student–athletes are encouraged and expected to respect their coaches, their teammates, and themselves through a personal commitment to:

Arrive at practices and competitions on time or early, ready to participate at their personal best;

  • Strive for honor and good sportsmanship at all times; and
  • Maintain a minimum of 80 percent attendance at all practices and competitions.

In addition, student–athletes are expected to behave as leaders at St. Francis by conducting themselves appropriately at all times; striving for the highest moral and spiritual values; taking pride in their classroom achievements; avoiding unsportsmanlike behavior; and displaying the qualities of character, responsibility, and a competitive spirit.

What is St. Francis’s philosophy regarding playing time?

In competitive athletics, we know that giving each athlete playing time and remaining competitive as a team is often a difficult interface. At St. Francis, we believe that playing time in competition is earned in practice and is not an entitlement. Regardless of the subjective nature of the process and the potential for disagreement, the coach is the only one in a position to make decisions regarding playing time. Coaches at all levels will strive to give meaningful playing time to athletes who earn it in practice. St. Francis coaches make playing-time decisions based on the 4 A’s of St. Francis Athletics, as follows:

  • Regular Attendance at practices and games
  • Positive and coachable Attitude
  • All-out effort and hustle
  • Ability

My child does not want to play sports, but loves the game and would still like to be involved. What can we do?

The school encourages students who are not actively playing a sport to consider being student managers for the teams of their choice. These students help videotape contests, record statistics, help the coaches with equipment, and assist with specific team needs.

Does the school have resistance machines my child can use for training purposes?

St. Francis has an onsite fitness center that is used to support the core curriculum of both the physical education and athletics programs. It includes several resistance training machines designed specifically for Middle School children, as well as two treadmills and adjunct equipment.

In which athletics conference does St. Francis play?

St. Francis is a member of the Houston Junior Preparatory Conference (HJPC).